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Effective Ways to Market Special Church Events

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There are two things that you can do that are better than any other form of advertising when it comes to promoting your church events and special services. It will save you money and get you better results. Advertising in newspapers doesn’t work that great anymore because you can’t measure its effectiveness or how many times people see it. When …

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How To Start Relationship Building in All Of Your Outreach Programs

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If you’re like most of us, all of your outreach efforts, programs, advertisements, and flyers have one purpose in mind: To get people to visit your church, event, or Bible study. But consider that proposition from the place of the stranger you just handed the invite card to… They don’t know you. They’ve never seen you before. Every now and …

Why Churches Need To Be Building Email Lists and How To Start

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If you have a blog, or have read anything about internet marketing, you’ve probably seen something about building email lists. It can mean the difference between having a blog, and having a blog that brings in a full-time income. It can mean the difference between a successful business and just another one that folded. It’s literally that important and that …

Permission Evangelism: An Effective Church Growth Strategy

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Imagine a church that was focused on building friendships with people rather than trying to herd them like cattle? A church that had the explicit permission from people in their community to evangelize to them? Imagine a city full of people who didn’t mind receiving your advertisements, or actually looked forward to them, even though they weren’t members of your …

Building a Personal Brand

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Brands are powerful.  Brand Identity can make you think adding air to the tongue of your shoe will make you jump higher.  It will give you pride to put that little, white apple on the back window of your car. An even bigger point is that branding is not just for large corporations or fancy products.  Whether you realize it …