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Effective Ways to Market Special Church Events

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There are two things that you can do that are better than any other form of advertising when it comes to promoting your church events and special services. It will save you money and get you better results. Advertising in newspapers doesn’t work that great anymore because you can’t measure its effectiveness or how many times people see it. When …

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How To Start Relationship Building in All Of Your Outreach Programs

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If you’re like most of us, all of your outreach efforts, programs, advertisements, and flyers have one purpose in mind: To get people to visit your church, event, or Bible study. But consider that proposition from the place of the stranger you just handed the invite card to… They don’t know you. They’ve never seen you before. Every now and …

Church Growth Ideas: How to Make Them Work in 2016

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Normal people don’t ask strangers to marry them. Churches do. As church leaders, we have a lot of responsibilities. The most important is church growth. I mean, if a church isn’t growing it can’t really say it’s about the Father’s business, can it? Jesus said to go and make disciples. In other words, we are given the charge to grow …

Who Should Manage Your Church Website?

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When it comes to maintaining an effective church website, the most common excuse is, “I don’t have time.” I’ve heard that excuse from both big and small churches, both full-time and bi-vocational pastors. Trust me, I’m a church planter; I understand the limits of time. But time isn’t why a lot of church websites are a waste of cyberspace. More …

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Blogging for Ministry: How to Write for a Blog

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Video Transcription The main thing about blogging is that it brings a lot of benefits. It brings a reputation of expertise on your subject matter, for me a lot of people look up to me–I get emails from people wanting to know about church marketing and it all stems from me doing Church Reach University. To people who read and …

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Blogging for Ministry: How to Setup a Blog

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Video Transcription: Hello and welcome to this post from ChurchBait about blogging. We will talk a little bit about ideal blog content as well as some handy tips and tricks to ensure that you are blogging effectively. Before we go into it, a strong recommendation is that you use WordPress to host your blog. If you are serious about blogging, …

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How to Blog for Ministry Master Class

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Hello and welcome back to another post from Church Reach University. Today we are going to be talking about blogging. Blogging or content marketing is a powerful marketing tool. With a blog post, you normally write good content which communicates an intention towards your audience.