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Blogging for Ministry: How to Write for a Blog

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The main thing about blogging is that it brings a lot of benefits. It brings a reputation of expertise on your subject matter, for me a lot of people look up to me–I get emails from people wanting to know about church marketing and it all stems from me doing Church Reach University.

To people who read and watch my stuff I am appearing as an expert in the church marketing field. Now I do not know everything, but for people who are looking to market their church I know more than they do because it is what I do for a living. So I may not be an expert or a genius at anything, but for people who just need advice I am an expert in the subject matter.

Blogging To Become an Expert

You can do the something whether it’s about leadership, ministry, and Biblical theology, whatever you want to write about as long as you are making sense and have something to say. The number one benefit of blogging is that people will start to look at you as an expert in the subject matter. That is the main benefit.

The second benefit is it gives you an outlet to market your services or products. If you are an evangelist, with your blog you can start marketing your services as an evangelist. Missionary who is going on deputation, if you keep a blog with content that stirs people’s emotions then it is effective.

Even if someone does not support you while you are on deputation, if you can get them to read your blog, there is all those more chances that you will reach people. You can get their support, even if you have been gone for months and they are still reading because it makes them feel something. Those are the two main benefits though there are a lot more.

What can you write about on your blog that gets people coming?

Blog Content Ideas for Churches

We will talk about churches first. For a church blog, it is pretty cut and dry. A church blog is writing things that appeal to people in your community, both in regards to church and non-churchgoers.

People who are actually looking for a church to attend in your community, you will want to write things that are important and relevant to them. We will give one example and we will move on from church blogging.

This is one idea which will make sure that your church blog is talking about the stuff that matters to the people in your community. Do the research and find out what your community cares about. Is it a farming community? Is is going through tough economic times? Is it becoming hard to find a job? People deal with different things in different neighborhoods.

I live in Belltown, Seattle and the majority of the people who live in this area have enough money. Money is not one of their problems; the economy does not bother them. They have made way too much money since getting out of college.

They are software developers and business owners. That is the kind of demographic that is naturally around me. I have some on the lower income scale to, but that is the main feeling of the entire environment that I am in.

So if I decide to write down-n-out blog posts, really depressing types where life seems desolate, then it is not going to communicate to a lot of people in my neighborhood. However, there were a lot of people in my neighborhood who thought money was everything and now that they have it they are starting to rethink that thought. They end up thinking is this it, shouldn’t there be more to life. And there lives end up feeling unfulfilled.

So I would start writing blog posts on ‘ are you looking for more in life, is money not making you happy’. Is the dream job, which you have chased since you were twelve, unfulfilling? Do you think there has to be more to life? If I started to write things like that, that will resound in my area and will impact the people in my neighborhood. So, for a church, the best advice for what to write is to put your finger on the pulse of your community. Find out the things, the questions, the fears, the concerns and issues that your community has. Write about that and answer their questions.

Blogging for Ministry

Now I want to talk about personal blogs, ministry blogs, and Biblical blogs, things that you will do to further your ministry or earn money on the side. I am going to talk about two things.

The first thing is what can I write about that will resound with people, which people will want to read and share. And how will you get new readers to come in and read your content, watch your videos, listen to your podcasts? How do I generate traffic?

I will share with you one major hint on how to do that, but first I am going to talk about what you can write about. What you write about really depends on what you think you are an expert on, what your passion is, or the message you are trying to communicate. But there are ways to take your message, and write, title and market it in a way and promote it the right way so that you’re attracting the kind of people that you want to read your blog.

Let’s say you are writing a leadership blog, which is kind of an abstract term. What are you really writing about? Are you writing about how to get people to follow you, about creating a new leadership, for example, a role as a new manager or new pastor? If you are writing about that, think for a second on who is this going to resonate with. Because, if you are writing about leadership, just about every minister and pastor is interested in this subject matter. But if you are writing about building an influence in a new environment, people who have been pastors in the area for 40 years are not going to be interested in that content.

The reason this is important is when it comes to promoting your content you have to know who to reach out to. For instance, if you are writing someone who takes a new pastor, the old pastor has been there for years, how do they solidify their leadership and build their influence? If you are writing about that, you do not necessarily want to write it to all ministers, instead pick out a few communities applicable to young ministers, ministers coming into a new position.

There are a couple of Facebook groups that I am a member of, and if I was dealing with any issues with starting a new church I would go and post them with these communities. If I was writing about starting a new work, that is an ideal place to go start marketing my content.

Now if I am writing about a leadership post about transitioning out of being a pastor, about how to transfer leadership, going into forums where it is mostly young ministers is an unwise decision. You may think you should share it with them as they are members of your community, but there are smarter ways to go about this. You should go and find a place where older ministers are.

This can be difficult to find online. It may be better to look offline for sending a newsletter or putting an advertisement in the district or organization magazine. Something that older ministers are reading, so it can grab their attention and bring them to your blog.

That is how you get people to your blog and start building your readership. As you start writing good, relatable content they will begin sharing it and you will get the viral effect, where things starting webbing out. That is how you can write things that matter, and promoting them to start building your blog.

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